WVU Extension Service

County Web Excellence Awards

About the Awards

The WVU Extension County Web Excellence Awards, aka the Extension Webbies, are awarded to county Extension offices demonstrating exemplary efforts in developing and maintaining informative websites for the benefit of local citizens and leaders, as well as the public at-large.

Award winners use their county websites to feature research-based educational content that accurately reflects the mission and vision of West Virginia University and the WVU Extension Service and advances the positive brand image associated with the university and Extension.

The “Webbies” are awarded during the WVU Extension Service Annual Meeting.

Award Winners

Learn more about the great work of the 2013 award winner.

Learn more about prior award winners.

Judging Criteria

Judging will be based on the following criteria with each one question worth five points for a total of 100 points:

  • Does the content reflect the WVU Extension Service mission?
  • Is the content current? (Consider not only outdated pages, but also blank pages.)
  • Is the purpose of each message clear?
  • Is the message audience-focused?
  • Are all subject areas in your office represented by programs described on the website?
  • Do you clearly identify sources of discipline-based material?
  • Do you use non-copyrighted material?
  • Are definitions accurate and objective?
  • Are instructions accurate and objective?
  • Is the writing jargon- and acronym-free?
  • Is the sentence structure simple? (Remember: Users scan, not read!)
  • Do you use active verbs?
  • Do you use bulleted and/or numbered lists?
  • Do you use clear and consistent headings and subheadings?
  • Are your pages easy to navigate?
  • Do your pages reflect the diversity of the state’s population?
  • Are photos large enough to identify contents? (Be wary of small-sized group shots.)
  • Are photos labeled with captions?
  • Are you limiting pages to “two or three scrolls” to keep a user’s interest?
  • Are you highlighting only words that accurately describe links? (Avoid using “click here.”)
Download the helpful Website Checklist to guide you in improving your county’s chance to win an award.


Should you have questions about the County Web Excellence Awards, please contact the WVU-ES Web Team.