WVU Extension Service

4-H Clover Logos

The 4-H Clover is to be used for documents, Web pages, and presentations created by Extension Service employees and volunteers. The 4-H Clover is the most recognized logo of the Extension Service. [Click on image for examples.]
Using the 4-H Clover logo is a privilege granted by the USDA. With that privilege comes the responsibility to follow the 4-H Name and Emblem Regulations, and the guidelines below in mind as you use the 4-H Clover logos.

  • Always use the WVU ES logo with the 4-H Clover logo.
  • Always use the 4-H Clover in its specific colors and in its entirety—including the statement “18 USC 707”.
  • Never place text or other images over or on top of the 4-H Clover.
  • Never rotate or turn the 4-H Clover logo.
  • Never distort the proportion of the 4-H Clover logo when sizing it—only use the corner sizing handles to enlarge or reduce the emblem’s size.
  • Always place the WVU ES logo at the top left corner of a printed page.
  • Always place the 4-H Clover logo below the WVU ES logo.

Questions about the clover’s usage? Please contact Brent Clark, Interim 4-H Youth Development Program Leader, by email or phone (304-293-8622).

Professional printing needs or logo/icon questions? Please contact Extension Communications.

Consider how you will use the graphic, and then select the appropriate link below. Refer to the examples for help in graphic placement.