WVU Extension Service

County Logos

Using Logos and Icons

Using a logo provides instant visual identification and connects people to the quality programs and services they’ve come to expect from the WVU Extension Service.

In 2015, the West Virginia University logo was fine‐tuned. Extension Communications staffers have revised the logos and icons that identify the WVU Extension Service, its county offices and some of its programs. These files are available for use in internal and short‐term use communications. Download Using Logos and Icons (PDF) for tips and can help make using your logo easier.

As a general rule, you should work with the graphics staff in the Office of Communications for any work that is going to be sent out to print. Contact Matthew Scarfo (MScarfo@mail.wvu.edu; 304‐293‐3152) to get that process started.

It’s important to note than any previous logo files you are using are not correct and should be discarded. The changes are very subtle, but if you use them on anything that must be approved by WVU Trademark and Licensing, your project will be rejected. It’s easier in the long run to make sure you’re using the latest versions of the files to prevent problems down the road.

To be successful in using these logos and icons in your office’s documents and presentations, you need to keep a few guidelines in mind.

  • Download the right logo/icon for the job.
  • Place the logo or icon in the proper location.
  • Always size the logo or icon from a corner to keep it proportional.
  • Do not alter these images in any way, combine them with other art or wording, or place them over backgrounds that make them hard to read. (Usage examples are provided at http://brand.wvu.edu/brand-guide/identity/logo.)