WVU Extension Service

WVU Extension Service Logos

In 2015, the West Virginia University logo was fine-tuned. Please help us accurately represent West Virginia University’s brand by using the correct logos, which appear below. Although the changes are fairly subtle, any logos previously downloaded are incorrect and should not be used.

The files below are PNG files, which have transparent backgrounds and can be used in Word, Publisher, PowerPoint and other applications.

The newly revised Using Logos and Icons document provides tips and can help make using your logo easier.

WVU-ES 2015_295 BLUE 124 GOLD
Download Logo - Gold & Blue

WVU-ES 2015_124 GOLD
Download Logo - Gold

WVU-ES 2015_295 BLUE
2015 WVU ES Logo - BLUE

2015 WVU ES Logo - BLACK

2015 WVU ES Logo - WHITE