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Helpful Hints for Academic Posters

Space is limited for academic posters. Therefore, writing needs to be concise and brief. The academic poster should never looked jammed with words. However, there needs to be enough information to help the viewer understand procedures and accomplishments. Make the poster visually pleasing so it invites the viewer to read about the project.

Optional Template: poster-template-preview

4-H Poster Template
4-H Poster Template (older powerpoint)
Poster Template no clover (older powerpoint)

Important considerations:

  • Cannot be any larger than 72 inches long and 47 inches high.
  • Color theme: gold and blue only.
  • Font size no smaller than inch.
  • Use appropriate clauses.
  • Include the following at bottom of the poster: WVU Extension Service is an equal opportunity institution.
  • Keep information brief and pithy.
  • Edit carefully.

Elements to include:

  • WVU Extension Service logo in the top left corner
  • Title
  • Individuals involved in the project, their title, and affiliation
  • Brief abstract
  • Introduction
    • Why you chose this project
    • The problem you are solving or impetus behind the project or research
  • Goals and objectives
    • The desired results of your research or project
  • Methods
    • Steps used to conduct research
    • Description of the project
  • Outcomes and impacts
    • Brief description of the results of your research, event, or project. Include any charts or graphs of relevant data. Do not include raw data.
  • Conclusion
    • Describe what you learned or discuss future implications.


  • Visuals, such as pictures or copies of materials, from the event or project.
    (Note: Do not add visuals if they do not help the viewer understand your project.)

Enlarge the thumbnails below for other examples.

Poster Example 1 Poster Example 2 Poster Example 3 Poster Example 4